International Men's Day

Gladys Williams

I received a newsletter (Friday evening) that caught my eye: 3 Challenges For IMD that got me thinking:

"Monday is International Men's Day, an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. On the day organisers are inviting communities around the world to highlight positive male role models and raise awareness of men?s well being."

The purpose of the newsletter - targeted at a female audience - is to promote gender equality in the work place and you can't fight for that, if you spend your entire time knocking your male work colleagues, as it becomes somewhat counter intuitive.

My grandmother - who insisted on been called "nanna" - was a strong woman that didn't care what society said she could or couldn't do, she just did it! She was born between the great ways in a society that had only just given women the right to vote! She was speedway champion in her youth and went on to set-up and run a successful and very well know restaurant based underneath BBC Bristol's studios in Whiteladies Road.

Gladys Williams

She retired in her sixties and remarried - having lost her husband (my grandfather) thirty years before, after a heart attack - to a lovely man, how I remember with great fondness. She was an incredible woman that didn't let anything get in her way and she was great loss to me personally at a young age, when she died in 1977.

I would do not deny there is gender inequality, but have always employed the best personal for the job, regardless of gender, race, etc; it's pointless! I am confused by the aggressive approach some people take when trying to push an agenda (regardless of its worthiness) these days.

I believe you must constantly strife to be the very best version of yourself at all times and treat others as you would wish to be treated (full stop). No arguments, no counter arguments!

Anyway, back to the newsletter! It went on to highlight a worrying issue facing is today:

"These are two issues that matter and should be celebrated/ highlighted. We all know men who have made a significant difference to our lives, and tragically male mental health and suicide rates continue to be an issue worldwide."

Mental health is a massive issue and one that is particular permanent to me right here, right now!


I wrote an article on this subject a couple of weeks ago: It's about time the stigma associated with mental health is cast aside, so will not repeat myself, but suffice to say:

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 years in the UK and it is considerably higher in men, with around three times as many men dying as a result of suicide compared to women.

So, on International Men?s Day can we put aside all the bullsh*t and just show each other some compassion and behave like decent human beings, regardless of gender, race, sexuality or another other ridiculous prejudice people have.

Date: 19/11/2018


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