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A Closer Look at Electronic Sign-in (e-sign)

There are two versions of the sign-in register. We have a standard print version or you can enable the electronic version (e-sign). Enabling the electronic version opens up a whole host of options.

I want to dedicated this blog post to electronic registers to explain just how some childcare schools and clubs may find the functionality useful.

Super fast Childcare online Booking software

Why speed is important We have created a childcare booking process where parents can book their child place within a couple of clicks and most to do so using their mobile device, which can sometimes suffer from bandwidth issues. Although the steps used to guide...

‘Exorbitant’ cost of Childcare – According to the Daily Mail

We thought we should respond to the Daily Mail's article entitled: 'Exorbitant' cost of childcare is more than women's wages in further blow to cost of living, analysis shows Cost of living crisis has seen energy bills skyrocket – while wages stagnate Childcare fees...

Data Protection Act 2018 GDPR and Brexit

As the European Union told Britain on today it was time to decide what kind of future relationship it wanted as EU officials suggested negotiators could strike a post-Brexit trade deal as early as the weekend.

As yet the #ICO are unable to advise on how data should be handled at 31st December 2020, in fact when we phoned them this morning asking about the use og Google Cloud Services, we were told to contact Google.

It’s worth noting that becasue as childcare providers you hold critical data!

Get safe online

Some great resources for clubs and schools to help teach children about cybersecurity along with an entire section about protecting children (safeguarding)

Using the right tools for the job

Therese Coffe, Pensions Secretary, conceded that UK government figures relating to COVID-19 infections may well be inaccurate after what is referred to as a computer glitch.

StaySafe cyberaware

A brief list of resources to help you protect your childcare setting from the cyber threats during Coronaviris

Top ten tips for entrepreneurs revisited

I penned a blog article back in 2012 as part of our celebrations for Ayrmer Software’s tenth anniversary. Having launched CoB in December 2015, we’re just over three year in and wanted to share some of our experiences launching The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system.

never re-use your passwords

Today’s world is busy, hectic and we have so many things to think about: children’s breakfast club, after school club, holiday camps etc., Have we booked our childcare via The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system?