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Putting the other person first

A few years ago I was looking for answers and turned to a business coach for support. He helped us learn about "emotional intelligence" amongst other things that has stood us in good stead ever since and believe you me, when you work in our sector you need emotional intelligence in bucket loads!

safer internet day 2019

Today is Safer Internet Day 2019; celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet.

cyber security

Commercial cyber security is an essential element of business today; do not take our word for it; Nominet have published a review showing 4 in 10 of businesses have experienced a cyber breach.

A bit of Christmas science

I used to get Christmas presents related to my work, so I ended up with some really useless stuff! You know the sort of thing mouse mats that you can put family photos in basically things that you would never take into the office. There was one exception to this truly classic pile of junk, a book called e-tales two in which there was a classic.

The GDPR learning curve

Since I first started looking at #GDPR last summer, I have been on a huge learning curve & have written this updated article that highlights the key points; to paraphrase GDPR "the sheer number of legal provisions makes it difficult to keep track"!

International Men’s Day

I received a newsletter (Friday evening) that caught my eye: 3 Challenges For IMD that got me thinking:

"Monday is International Men’s Day, an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. On the day organisers are inviting communities around the world to highlight positive male role models and raise awareness of men’s well being."

The purpose of the newsletter – targeted at a female audience – is to promote gender equality

New charges explained

We have recently changed our business model and believe in complete transparency, so here is an explanation of how we charge for our out of school booking system designed for childcare providers. It is designed to be simple & fair for all,enabling wrap-around clubs of all sizes to benefit from a booking system designed specifically for breakfast, after school and holiday clubs with over 7 years experience working with clubs and 14 years working with academies.

Making Tax Digital

Some common sense advice about Making Tax Digital (MTD) that comes into force next April (2019) for wrap around child care providers.

General Data Protection Regulations

By now you will have now all heard about the new regulations that come in to force next May that replace the Data Protection Act 1998, even if you don?t understand the impact it has on your business.