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Staying safe on the internet

Independent cyber-experts confirm rogue browser extensions are the cause behind the recent Facebook compromise that has exposed private messages, now for sale on the dark net; what browser extensions are you using?

CoB 30 hours free childcare

The government announced 30 hours free childcare a while back and they come into force in September 2017, so what do they mean for CoB users?

tax free childcare

That Tax???Free Childcare that takes effect from the beginning of September 2017 is very misleading and has thrown childcare providers and parents into confusion. The much touted free childcare that grabbed headlined during the last election was misleading, to say the least!

how safe is your business

News headlines these days seem to regularly be splatted with terms like ransomware, DDS, hacking, personal identity theft and data breaches, but how much do you understand about these and do they effect your business?

CoB getting ready for the GDPR

New legislation comes into force in May 2018 and whilst this might seem a long way away, you need to start preparing for it now, as this affects your business. The Information Commission???s Office (ICO) have prepared the following guidance for organisations (clubs and schools alike): Getting ready for the GDPR.

security what is the single most useful bit of advice you could give me

I was talking to a colleague earlier today about writing an article that was a high value "how to" article as part of an experiment that we are doing with Neil Simpson. Without hesitation the response was the title of this article and so here is my "how to" secure your data, be it on or off line ….

Cyber Security report

Cyber-crime is a significant and growing problem and affects all sectors with an on-line platform or service. Find out about the "Ten Steps to Cyber Security" and "Common Cyber Attacks".