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How fast and reliable is our Childcare Booking system

We’ve never considered speed and reliability as a selling point of Childcare online Booking (CoB) as you assume all systems on the market are exactly that, fast and reliable. So imagine our surprise when we’ve recently been receiving enquiries because their current...

CoB 2.0

We have started developing the second generation of The Childcare online Booking (CoB) system that represents a complete overhaul of the original project developed in 2011. We launched an updated version of the original booking system in 2015 that allowed us to reduce the price point, after receiving hundreds of enquiries from wraparound childcare settings across the United Kingdom. At the time there were only a handful of solutions and along with Libricu, we were one of the first to market.

Nursery Software

If you run a nursery, then our Childcare online Booking system can be used as nursery software, saving you up to 80% on your current admin by moving your bookings, registers, sign-in, record keeping all online. With fully customisable sessions, you can allow parents...

Wraparound care booking system

What does the term ‘Wraparound childcare’ mean? The term refers to care before or after school, such as breakfast or afterschool clubs. Not only does wraparound care assist the parent during their working week research by NatCen has shown that taking part in organised...

Booking System for your Holiday Club

Our Childcare online Booking system is transaction based, so if you have no bookings then essentially your holiday club has a system that’s free to use during term time for example. There are no setup fees, training and support are all included too. We’ll even upgrade...

Childcare software uk

Creating childcare software for the UK childcare sector started over 10 years ago. The original version targeted clubs specifically wanting after school club software and breakfast club software. On launch the software program was a huge success. Over the years more...

Why CoB is perfect for After School & Breakfast Clubs

After school and Breakfast Club Sessions Our Childcare online Booking software has been specifically created for multiple sessions, but with the addition of caping the capacity. For example your afterschool club may have three sessions, 3pm to 4pm, 3pm to 5pm and 3pm...

Protecting your data from cyber threats

We regularly carry out regular penetration tests on CoB to ensure we detect potential vulnerabilities on your booking system, to ensure your data is kept safe and you can focus on running your childcare setting.

CoB saves clients thousands as fees suspended

We suspended minimum charges in March, during lockdown and continue to support our wraparound childcare settings & schools today. As a result our clients saved 15,934.80 (inc VAT) plus enabled settings to use CoB free of charge for keyworkers saving even more money.