We asked our users to describe CoB in 3 words

We recently sent out a customer survey and whilst all the results are not in ask yet (we know how busy you all are running your clubs), we are delighted with the initial responses! One of the questions was provide three words that best describe your experience of CoB and here are the responses we have to date:

"Good, easy, handy"

"Easy, Cost-effective, Time-saving"

"Great customer service"

"Intuitive time-saving transparent"

We went on to ask:


When we asked if CoB had reduced their booking management and administration, 100% said yes and over 70% of people that have responded to date have said CoB has reduced their admin by over 75%. Given that over 50% of our users have move top us having already used a competitors solutions, we are delighted with the results. Over 70% of responses have said that our technical support is excellent!

But, it isn't just about the clubs, it's about the parents too and over 70% said that their parents thought CoB was excellent going on to say the feedback they have had is:

"Easy to use, convenient."

"They don't like paying so far in advance * but our debtors have dropped massively :-)"

"Excellent is a word that has been used by a parent to describe the new system . I have been told its nice to be able just to book as and when we need it and be in control of our own bookings ."

* We've just added rolling contracts that enables parents to spread the cost of childcare into monthly payments

We are proud of what we have achieved and have been working with childcare providers since 2011 when we developed a bespoke booking system for Fun in School Holidays that become the Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system, launched in December 2015 and now supports over 200 settings in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Date: 15/11/2018


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You need this booking system [CoB]! It is easy to use, the team are brilliant and very patient. This software is very easy to use. It saves me so much time with this software. I wish I never waited so long to get it. The prices is very cheap consider...

Andy Abel Managing Director
Sport Star Limited

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